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Let them eat cake (and then throw it up again) in Los Angeles and New York, two cities bursting with fresh-faced celebutantes and sexy scenesters. The REAL juicy gossip can be found right here in a good old American suburban standby with a wealth of saucy scoops, salacious scandals, and scorching hot secrets!

November 14, 2005


"Cool Mom" Lynne Beardsley of Belle Terre Drive gets caught mid-boogie at this past Sunday's Pumpkin Party!, a yearly festival thrown by the Ruth Evans Shelter to celebrate everyone's favorite seasonal snack while also raising money for the local homeless citizens.

Others in attendance included: Maurice Howler, high-level banking executive at the Bank of America in South Bay with wife Camille, Michael and Gretchen Sugarman of Barnaby Lane (best known for their "dancing Santa" holiday decorations), and butcher Hans Jameskirt of Landing Avenue and his mother, Bess (also of Landing Avenue).


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